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Business trips to China Tovar.ME. is pleased to offer you the best quality of business tours to China in Guangdong province. Without a doubt, that the business trips (shopping trips) are the most popular in China. We will help you select and book a hotel in any city in Guangdong province, as well as other cities in China. If necessary, we'll buy you a ticket. Among the shop tours are very popular furniture tours, as well as buying items for the interior. We suggest that you visit furniture centers with the highest quality furniture and the lowest prices in Guangzhou and Foshan city furniture. With us you can spend time in China to effectively and profitably buy you're interested in elite furniture from China, a variety of furniture accessories and home furnishings. Guides and translators in China First, we must remember that in China, very few speakers of foreign languages. So if you do not know the language, we are ready to provide you with an English-speaking or Russian-speaking guide who knows the Chinese language, mentality and customs of the Chinese. It will help you perform tasks in China. We can provide guide services in Guangdong Province (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, etc.). We also provide translation in 4 languages: English, Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian. Check the rates of translation in the section "Prices for translation from the Chinese and the Chinese." Find manufacturers and suppliers Find manufacturers and suppliers in China that offer quality products, reliable and always work according to international standards is complex and time-consuming task, but we successfully solve. We use the latest methods of search, providing detailed price lists and samples of products necessary for your business. If necessary, provide Inspection services production, which allow you to see the production - we can provide a photo and video report, a description of production and its capabilities, delivery times, available equipment, etc. Inspection services Quality and quantity of products supplied the necessary time in China. This will provide you with embezzlement of extra for products that do not fit your requirements. The inspection may be carried out in production, the supplier or from our warehouse in Guangzhou. We strongly recommend that you use this service - it helps you to save you time and neuritis, as well as save you money. Delivery of goods from China We are successfully cooperating for many years with a number of manufacturers and suppliers in China, who have shown themselves to the best parties. The "Chinese products" have already worked our product groups. We offer delivery of these goods from China. In fact, this ready-made business for you. All goods are of high quality. With the prices you can find by prior arrangement through the feedback forum. We are also ready to supply on a regular basis you're interested in the goods. Cargo delivery from China Tovar.Me. works closely with major transport and logistics companies - it provides reliable and timely delivery of your goods anywhere in the world. We can provide transportation services in China and cargo from China. We promote the sending of various cargos, control the timing and quality of services provided by transport companies. We invite you to send teams and containerized cargoes, maritime, road and rail transport, air express shipment (air delivery).